What’s NOT Happening in Jacksonville



We’ve moved even further away from a time when a complaint or a dissenting opinion wasn’t allowed. Now the friendly folks in Jacksonville have done it again. I imagine them like a group of southern Stepford wives trying to host a tea party. But since it’s in the digital world, they must contend with controlling the rhetoric by banning and eliminating any speech that has thought or meaning. Stepford wives don’t (…or can’t) think, you know.

It’s ok to lose your dog today. And tomorrow. And a week from now. Please, post about it every time you’re careless and let little Sparky run out of the yard. I know there was a good electrician to use. I saw a post about it an hour ago. Let me ask again. Damn, where’s Sparky now? Let me post one more time. #FearTheBeak

I’ll share some highlights I read today:

  • […] This is a community event group; not a place for opinions.
  • […] Although it wasn’t a political opinion, it was an opinion about people in the community. A judgement. We felt that it would cause problems and arguments all day.
  • […] I stand by the no opinion comment.

What kind of mucked-up world are we living in when we are not allowed to express AN OPINION. I get it–some of the members and admins probably aren’t capable of forming one. But, shoot. Let the rest of us at least say something positive or negative about the community we live in.

I will gladly express my opinion. If I am banned from the tea party, I won’t think twice about it. I don’t like tea, anyway.

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