Virtuous Signaling: You’re Racist and I’m Right


I’m proud that the Talladega College band was asked to perform at the inauguration.

Shit, I’m not proud then.
Yep, racist.

President Trump—
Dumb racist. Not MY president.

Did you notice a trend there? Calling someone racist because they disagree with you is the latest trend of the virtuous signaler.

Coined only last year, virtue signaling describes the methods people use to indicate that they have virtue by expressing their disgust or favor for certain political ideals, cultural events, and everyday musings. By expressing their hatred, they’re really trying to convey how good they think they are and to enhance their social standing. In this scenario, they’re appealing to a specific demographic by repeatedly accusing another of racism. Race doesn’t even have to be an issue, but the virtuous signaler will make it one.

The virtuous signaler’s goal is not to persuade or make changes. Rather, they want anyone who will listen to believe that they are a decent, virtuous person (you know, unlike those racists over there).

It can happen on a smaller, less offensive scale, too. Hopping over to Facebook, I read a recent comment from a professor chastising her friends for not donating to a cause she donated to. She shamed them as a way to promote her own superiority and generosity.

Any Solution?

I don’t have any recommendations or a witty closing to combat the virtuous signaler. They’re everywhere and you can probably name five off the top of your head. I do, however, have a neat little ribbon that you can troll them with. That’ll be this week’s useless post consolation prize.


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