Trick or Diarrhea


Halloween brings hundreds, if not thousands, to the North Oaks neighborhood every year. I don’t know if we participate as an excuse to dress cute and have fun, for love of the holiday, or if we view it as a way to give back to the community. I suspect it’s a little bit of each.

We spend countless hours preparing, baking, stuffing candy bags, and cleaning up the mess when it’s all over. Come November 1st, we’re the real zombies. 

Following Halloween, you always have some genius that isn’t happy. Either they arrived too late, had to walk the neighborhood’s hills, or apparently ate too much crap…

“I think I got a stomach virus from candy last night , so did two other people who trick or treated in the same area. Thank God my small daughter didn’t get it cause she only ate the suckers… Did anyone else get sick after trick or treating in North oaks area?”

Yes. She believes she contracted a stomach virus from tainted candy. Some understood the absurdity of the claim. Unfortunately, the usual uptight ones did not. I find some small thrill from pushing their buttons.

Enter the smart ass (that would be me)

img_0405I absolutely love it that someone took offense. Because, you know, I have ZERO right to discuss anything North Oaks or Halloween related. Wah-wah.

After I told her not to get her panties in a twist, specifically: “Hey, before you get your panties in a twist, you might want to stalk my FB profile a little more. You know the big house on the hill? Yeah, we started the Halloween thing in North Oaks 23 years ago. You’re welcome” she deleted her comment and blocked me.

I believe I got my point across.


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