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The Anniston Star, a product of Consolidated Publishing, is the only ‘major’ newspaper in the county. Approximately 68% of voters in the 2016 presidential election voted for Donald Trump, with other Republican seats winning by a landslide. Nonetheless, the Star aims to serve the minority democrat population in the county with headlines like “The ‘Carnage’ of President Trump’s America.”

The Star continues to flex its liberal muscles in an otherwise conservative community, but producing content that disgusts its readers cannot be too profitable. While the Star wants to blame the loss of readership on the Internet, the sad truth is that the paper is clueless and irrelevant.

Glancing through it, there’s been a sad trend for years—countless sports pieces, a handful of AP articles, and a bashing editorial or two. The citizens of Calhoun County are not, and have not, been getting what we want from a newspaper representing our area of the state. Random Facebook groups and Twitter provide more informative pieces than the local paper.

The Readers Say…

The Anniston Star is desperate for attention. After all, negative attention is better than no attention.

Several years ago, I remember a company that I worked for buying advertising in this despicable rag. Thanksgiving day… full page ad was $3600. This past year.. $350 lol.. I know of NO one who reads this POS other than on Facebook.

Your article just made me laugh out loud…literally. Your “editorial” is basically a way for you to stomp your feet and like a 2 yr. old that didn’t get their way. Your paper hasn’t been newsworthy in years. It seems as though every article is written as an editorial piece, rather than on facts. The obituaries are the only thing written that you and your crony, leftist, staff writers have no control over. Wake up, Anniston Star; look around. It’s a new day, a new President. Get over it.

The Anniston Star is a cheap newspaper. Not cheap as in cost, cheap as in I would rather read anything else besides the trash they throw together. Then they want you to pay a high price for low quality, just not worth the read.

Too Late?

Should the Star adopt a balanced and unbiased editorial approach, they might survive. As one commenter put it, they should stop stomping their feet in a tantrum. Their bias has alienated most readers to the point where even the obituaries and police blotter should be taken with a grain of salt. Until the Star decides to represent the news fairly, they should stop presenting opinions as facts.

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