The Pussification of a Generation


Born in 1983, I’m barely what they would classify as a Millennial or GenY. We grew up with electronics, America Online, and later demons like social media. We receive the most marketing attention, are ethnically diverse, and said to be tolerant. We’re expected to be the first generation since the Silent Generation (1920s-1940s) to be less economically successful than our parents.

Millennials were told to follow their dreams, that they were special. Constant coddling has resulted in unrealistic expectations of the future practically bordering on disillusionment.

Gold Star Generation

Why does their age make them special? Are their merits more important because they were born into a particular generation? Praising them for organizing a “glow run” given their birth year is the same as coddling. It’s another participation trophy in life.

Merits should be valued and recognized, but no age should be attached to it. Volunteering at an animal shelter is great whether you’re 13 or 83. No extra gold star should be given because of age.

“We made them by telling them they could be anything and now folks want to put them down for having ideals.”

Again, it’s the participation trophy. Be a decent person, not an asshole. Protest, don’t riot. Go vote, not cry and require crayons and a safe space. If you made them, guide them. Don’t let them continue to live in a disillusioned state where safe spaces are required for every tough decision in life. Hurt exists, disappointment exists. Being an adult requires putting on your big kid panties and facing reality, not crying because you didn’t get your way.

Ridiculing them as they deal with their new reality won’t help this generation.” 

The world isn’t full of unicorns farting butterflies. It wasn’t when they were born, and it won’t be 100 years from now.

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