I’ve made my posts about bullies. Let this post be about thanking those individuals. To catch up, I walked up on a scene, was videotaped, and called a whale. Old news.

speaking peaceIt’s easy to bully when you hide behind a keyboard, a camera, or steeple. I don’t think it was the whale comments that bothered me so much, but rather the local men and women that seem so offended that I have an opinion about being bullied. Here’s the letter I wrote The Anniston Star:

Bullying does not end in grade school. You’ll find that it continues in the workplace, neighborhood, and church. These bullies hide behind their keyboards, cameras, and bibles. They spew their vitriol under the misguided belief that shaming others makes them superior or somehow pious. They bask in passive aggression and hope someone—anyone—will take notice.

We live in a small community and all have our skeletons and faults. Everyone can’t have a winning candidate and we don’t all want perfect Sunday school attendance. Shaming and bullying others for daring to have an opinion is cruel and narrow-minded. It’s not just damaging to the targeted individual, but the community as a whole.

So before you speak, film, or type, examine yourself. Ask yourself what your own shortcomings are and if you want them laid out in a public forum. It’s okay to have an opinion, but it’s not okay to think that your job, friends, or pew mates give you the right to bully those who disagree with you.

So, thank you. Thank you for giving me back my spark and reason to write. This blog was neglected and now I actually feel passion about it again.

I left the doctor earlier this afternoon. We had a long talk about my weight and what we need to do about it. I feel much better and have some confidence and hope again. So thanks for pointing out the obvious. Thanks for liking it and thinking it’s funny. Thanks to my friends, former co-workers and spouses, and fellow church members who witnessed it, yet chose to ignore it for their own reasons.

I initially thought I’d end this post with a big F* you to those who have offended me and those that went along with it, but none of them are worth it.

I’m bettering myself, but you’ll continue to fester in your hypocrisy and hatred.

As you sit and judge all of us, contemplate this: what have YOU done to better yourself?





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