Softball/Tee Ball Team Mom Finds


Spring time when I was young meant softball. As I got older, the season would creep longer with tournaments and all-star teams. During my years playing, I was fortunate enough to have a wonderful coach who was also an inspiring team mom figure. At the end of practice, she would give us Pinterest-worthy goodies themed to the sport. With Lily and Bubba playing, I had planned to be that team mom. The awesome one with her shit together. (Funny note here: my sister actually is that team mom. She even makes Pinterest look bag). Now that there’s only a few games left, I’m just thrilled that I’ve made it back and forth with all my kids each time.


At the beginning of the season, I planned awesome treats for the kids on my designated snack day. Husband signed us up and I eagerly awaited. Yay, crafts! Then I got the phone call. It was our day and I was already settled down at the field with 15 minutes to go before the first pitch. Out went my plans of Pinterest glory and in came tossing random snacks and drinks from Walmart.

I’m determined I’ll be prepared next season. Until then, here are some awesome ideas that I considered:

Game day snacks printable ball

Team cupcakes

Paper treat bags

More paper treat bags

Snack station

Drink & treat bag

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