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While most of the country is focused on the Trump/Clinton drama (go Trump, by the way), our little “Gem of the Hills” is embattled in local elections at present. Last night we found out who won the city council runoff. Let’s start where things got serious:

When it was time for the municipal elections, I already knew who had my vote, but there was one scene that really cemented my decision. One man stood out in the brawling sun. He held his sign, he waved. It was damn hot and I felt bad for him. The other sat in a yard under a shade tree with a big old lady hat on. I’m pretty sure he was under an umbrella, too. At first I thought it was an old crazy lady sitting there watching traffic, but no. So that’s that–you have one candidate that’s willing to get out there and work hard, and you have another that takes the easy way out. Who do you want leading your city? [written by me, of course, and shared on my Facebook page]

It seems like a reasonable observation. The kink in my post, though, was that one candidate was a relative. I get it, really. Blood is thicker than water. But is it when you haven’t spoken to that individual in decades? What if there was a lot more below the surface?

Sure enough, his defenders came out of the woodwork. Unfortunately for me, they were also relatives. Things eventually escalated, names were called, accusations made, and the threat went a little too white trash for my liking. I decided to be the bigger person and block the whiners and delete their comments. After all, we’re talking about my opinion on my Facebook page. As I reminded one of them, go praise your candidate on your own wall.

Once the dust settled from that, another shit storm–not of my making this time–appeared. I missed the beginning since I was doing my civic duty, but when I came out I heard some words that would make my mother blush.


I heard the commotion and started filming it. I posted my short video and, although I didn’t receive many comments, it certainly was shared and discussed.
img_0080-1So let the insults fly. Seriously, though, don’t feed a narcissist. They thrive on creating bullshit.

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