From Wikipedia, a paywall is a system that prevents Internet users from accessing certain content without a paid subscription. Let’s say you go to your local newspaper’s website or Facebook page and find an article you want to read. When you click on the article, you can either read it for free because you’re under their arbitrary limit, or you’re forced to login and purchase a subscription to their e-edition.

The world is ending tomorrow. Please subscribe to find out how you can stop it.

If there’s going to be a paywall, at least make it for some exclusive content like really good porn or something. Having a paywall for a local newspaper is ridiculous, in my opinion. I get it–revenue is down and newspapers have to adapt to the changing times in order to survive.

Has the Anniston Star read some of the negative comments their nagging paywall produces? Take a recent article, for example, on two adults kidnapped at gunpoint in the community:

Someone post the full story of this!!

Really sad to not be able to read it. I would never pay for their paper. Too much for a few articles. Ridiculous!

The Star even paywalls the public records section. How is that even allowed? If the Star is concerned with revenue and retaining and gaining new readers, they should consider all those they alienate by implementing the paywall to begin with. Perhaps the Star should considering paywalling certain pieces–like the outdoors person of the week, or the many, MANY sports articles churned out every day.

Until more newspapers realize that paywalls are a bad idea (thank you, Toronto Star), we’ll have to find satisfaction in knowing that Google Chrome works well.

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 12.49.17 AMIf you don’t already have Google Chrome, you need it. It’s an awesome browser. Open Google Chrome and from there right click on a website link and select ‘Open link in incognito window.’ This works on articles posted on Facebook, too.

You’re welcome.


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