I live in a college town. I’d prefer not to.

I don’t go to JSU. I’m not paid by JSU. I find college students absolutely annoying and their professors even more so. I won’t fear the beak, I won’t wear red on game day, and I won’t let JSU rule my personal and professional life.

This makes me a freak in Jacksonville.

Both of my children are signed up for sports this spring. My daughter is playing soccer and my son is playing t-ball. I’ve had my gripes with PARD this year but their game scheduling really got under my skin this afternoon. My son hasn’t had his first game, yet teams across the county have been playing for weeks. His game this week was rescheduled because JSU is having a football scrimmage.

I overheard a coach last week say that JSU and Jacksonville “had an agreement.” Let me tell you, this agreement fucking sucks.

A group of t-ball players have nothing to do with JSU football. Now, the excuse may be thrown back that the young coaches are JSU students and that raises another issue. Why is the Jacksonville PARD pawning off coaching positions on college students instead of willing parent volunteers?

Ask a parent in town and they’ll tell you where they let their kids play sports—and it isn’t Jacksonville. It’s taking some of us longer to realize that we’re wasting our time and money.

**I wanted to update and add that our t-ball season was, uh, interesting. Our coach suffered an injury and eventually disappeared. Some other random coach/college buddy showed up. The parents had to step-in and take charge, with my husband pitching and my father-in-law as third base coach. By the time the last game rolled around, a parent snapped and yelled at a volunteer. The coach/not-coach didn’t know the rules of the game and neither did the other team. When parents tried to correct them, they were ignored. So, the season ended with a child getting shortchanged at batting, a parent getting yelled at, and another parent storming away.

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