Shortly before my senior year of high school I decided to change my intended major to Criminal Justice. With a local university offering a decent CJ program, it was a no-brainer to switch from UAH to JSU—saving money, less wear on the Celica, and avoiding dorm life. To this day, I still have the utmost respect for JSU’s CJ staff, but that’s where my love of the institution ends.

When discussing the recent election (I’m so ready for another topic), a JSU employee shared an article about Millennials vs. Baby Boomers as others were discussing the alleged need for safe spaces, coloring books, and exam passes. Honestly, I didn’t read all the article. I skimmed through enough to roll my eyes. It was more of the liberal whining of how Millennials are poor, pitiful things.

Paritcipation Trophies

As an employee of JSU, she is obviously not allowed to have a negative opinion about the thousands that contribute to her salary (and needless sports venue renovations). No insults were made, yet [my comments in pink]:

If it makes you feel good to put down others, go ahead [safe space: triggered]. The fact is, millennials have been handed a raw deal. They paid 10 times what you did to put themselves through school [Thank you, JSU, for your constant tuition increases. I don’t give a crap about that fancy stadium or new baseball field… or the PR lady’s salary] and graduated into an economy with no jobs [Sorry to those with their BA in Liberal Studies and bra burning. JSU needs to offer better majors.]. Still, they tend to be more altruistic than older generations [Financial aid refund check anybody?]. I work with them every day and have great hope for the future.

Unfortunately, she retreated to her safe space before I could reply to her comment. Shoot, JSU. Do you employ anybody that doesn’t drink the liberal, let’s-coddle-everybody Kool-Aid?


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