Donation Diva



If you’re going to burn a bridge, you might as well nuke that mother to the ground.

I have a problem. When I see something I think is wrong, it irritates me to no end until I call somebody out on it. Feelings get hurt, feathers get ruffled, but I sleep better knowing that I’ve done the right thing even if it pisses off the masses. This will be one of those scenarios.

My latest irritant would be donations. Specifically, school employees using their position in a district to solicit funds for their church buddies. You can read about my experience in Jacksonville’s churches.

Out of respect for JCS and its employees, I won’t get too specific. I don’t know this individual. My only knowledge of her comes from posts, videos, and the usual Facebook page viewing. This isn’t a personal beef against anybody or any particular church. However, it doesn’t sit right that an employee can request donations, prayer requests, film videos, and use her position (and office and school issued laptop) to request donations for members of her congregation.

Will my child be treated equally because we don’t attend a local church?

I hope the school has enough sense to ask her to limit her requests to her personal pages and do it off school property.



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