Bust a (Facebook) Nut


I wrote a post similar to my blog entry on PARD and it wasn’t met with enthusiasm. Who would’ve thought the individual posting a picture of her massaging the JSU mascot would get so offended over an anti-JSU topic?

I was an admin in the Jacksonville Community Group for a few months. What I initially liked about this group was that it didn’t censor as heavily as the What’s Happening in Jacksonville Page. Individuals were free to have opinions. As an opinionated person, you can see the appeal.

The downside is that only a few members are active in the group. They use it as a platform to reach the other 2,000 members and express their hatred of the school board president and other members of the Jacksonville community. They’re bullies. You can say what you want as long as you don’t challenge their narrative. When that occurs, you’re instantly banned for a bogus reason or labeled a ‘fake account.’ The paranoia runs deep with these guys and I suspect narcissism, too.

While they may pretend to be one thing on social media, their true reputation in the community isn’t as spotless.

One silly Facebook post later, a libelous post has sprung up painting me as a censoring Facebook villain. Long story short, I had a disagreement and wanted a break from Fakebook. I deleted MY OWN comment, deactivated my account, and took some deep breaths. When I got my act together, I logged back in and was met with childish messages, like “WE DON’T CENSOR AND YOU SURE AS SHIT DON’T BLOCK ME” from the group’s poetic creator.

I was promptly removed as an admin for deactivating my account temporarily (despite doing this numerous times over the last several weeks). This five minute break—even though I suspect it was less—was detrimental to my admin-ing abilities. Never mind it was the creator’s wife, ex-wife, not his wife(??) that the original argument was with.

But I find it ironic that a group that claims to be so pro-freedom of speech punishes and insults a member for exercising that right. If I make a comment, did I not have the right as a member of the group to remove it as any member could? Apparently not.


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