Hello, I’m that mom. You wouldn’t know from our everyday encounters. When I have a guest over, I don’t mind giving Goob a bottle or sneaking into another room for a feeding. But you bet your butt when it’s just family, I’m sprawled in the recliner with a boppy pillow and a Goob on the boob. The drive to Universal is around 8 hours. During some of that drive, I opted to give Goob a bottle of pre-mixed formula and alternate that and breastfeeding. It was a bad time to find out that Goob’s tummy didn’t like that brand of formula. We had to throw away an outfit, if you get my drift. Yucky formula + crazy diapers just isn’t a good theme park combination.

I had read that Universal had nursing rooms, but whenever she was hungry, it was much easier to stop where I was and nurse rather than walk around the park.

I had two ways to accomplish my breastfeeding at Universal goal:

  1. Show them to me, show them to me.¬†Unclasp your bra and set those puppies free – Rodney Carrington, “Show Them to Me” lyrics. So I did just that. The rest of the family went on a water ride and I snuck off to some outdoor seating at a restaurant. The table was the perfect height for her to lay on and I breastfed a good while with ease. On another occasion, I opted for the Men in Black child swap area and met a super cool mom doing the exact same thing.

    IOA Nursing Room
    IOA Nursing Room
  2. Nursing rooms. I fell in love with the room at Islands of Adventure. It’s located in the medical area at Guest Services and near the Lost & Found. The first person I spoke to didn’t know if they offered such an area, but she finally directed me to it after asking around. Holy cow, was it awesome. There were stalls available with rockers, foot stools, and iPod docks. There was also a bottle warmer available and plenty of outlets for pumping. The nursing room definitely spoiled me. The only downside was that I wish there were more of them.

It’s very easy to nurse at Universal and I’m glad I stuck with it. Universal and IOA provide enough places for moms and little ones to sit or retreat to in order to nurse without a hitch. If you want air conditioning and a more comfortable place, look for a child swap area while your family rides or head to a nursing room.


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