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When did expressing a dissenting opinion become complaining? If not agreeing with the majority is labeled as a bad thing, then I’m number one on the naughty list.

The quote on the main page is taken from Mark Twain: “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” What your Facebook buddies–at least in Jacksonville–don’t tell you, is that you can’t VOICE your difference of opinion without being called a complainer. But is it really that bad?

1 a person who makes frequent complaints usually about little things <she early on got a reputation as a complainer after finding fault with her work space> Synonyms baby, bellyacher, crybaby, fussbudget, fusser, fusspot, griper, grumbler, kvetch, kvetcher, sniveler, whinerRelated Words bawler, bleater, moaner, …
Eh. Okay.
I’m not one to rely on Urban Dictionary, but I think it nailed it:
[…] they loudly notice/complain about what everyone else secretly complains about. they merely speak for the multitude.

Now there’s a definition I can get behind. Are we living in constant fear of someone disagreeing with us? Sure, there are bullies, but we can’t always let that be a factor. Have we become a society so doped-up on Prozac and whatever other Kool-aid that we are incapable of disagreeing or seeing negatives in something?

Silence isn’t golden. Most of the time in these group situations, the people who take the time to complain are the ones who care.¬†Without criticism, how can we grow, learn, and change? Complaints can come across as toxic and unhelpful at times. Just because someone complains doesn’t mean that their reason for doing so is invalid or that their opinion isn’t important. Complaints aren’t always wrong and complainers are not proof of a bad community, but instead one with differing opinions.

Just as silence means no one cares, empty praises can be just as apathetic.


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