All Hail the Admin


It’s a running joke with my sister that she gets the boot from whatever group she joins. How can mentioning Thor be deemed offensive? It’s THOR. Unfortunately, an admin “HAS THE POWER” [read that in your best HeMan voice] to boot, censor, and delete at their whim. Most groups have a short blurb on their rules and it’s pretty basic—play nice, no cussing, no spamming, etc. Even when you abide by their laws, you’re at the admin’s mercy—and possibly the tail end of their Xanax high, God help us all.

Administrators can remove any post, link, photo or file from anyone at any time if it does not follow the spirit and intention of this group.

I’m not a fan of most forum admins and I haven’t been shy in expressing my distaste for them and the groups they rule. The admins set the rules, the community builds, people interact politely for the most part, then the admins enforce and play favorites. What the admin finds inappropriate for one individual is ignored for another.


Even worse than the iron-fisted admin is their lackey. He or she is someone that admires the admin ‘power’ and agrees with every post, gives the first like, and has the most ass-kissing emojis. This person praises and encourages the admin to remove whatever he/she disagrees with. They want a pat on the back and a big thumbs up—and one day to be an admin, too.

Some Friendly Advice

My advice to any admin is to not take your role so seriously. It’s not a popularity contest and people really don’t give a shit in the real world. I get it that you may seek some sort of validation through ruling your group/forum, but get over yourself for a few minutes. We won’t bow to you in the grocery store and we don’t care how many members you pretend to rule. But you can ask and expect members to follow the rules, but don’t play favorites. If you want to have a community group, let the community speak.

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