When Lily turned 4, I wanted to make her a princess castle cake. I found one I liked and it seemed simple enough. I bought the ingredients and baked my heart out. After the last decoration was placed, I asked my husband for his opinion.

Is it too late to call your sister?

The cake never made it out of the kitchen nor did a picture of it survive. It was so ugly that I didn’t even show it to the birthday girl. We quickly went out and bought cake mix and I whipped up some last minute cupcakes. I haven’t ventured into cake decorating since. If I can’t smear a little frosting, it’s not gonna happen.

For Bubba’s sixth birthday, he requested a Minecraft birthday party. Specifically, he requested a Minecraft birthday party at his Aunt’s house. She does parties right, so no doubt the boy has good taste. Aunt didn’t disappoint.

Other than providing the birthday boy, my party contribution was minimal. Did I mention that I have an awesome sister? I did, however, make the super awesome marshmallow creepers. I followed this recipe on making them. A few tips on making the creeper marshmallows: your kitchen will be destroyed. No joke. You’ll read the recipe and think you can swing making the colored sugar with gel food coloring. You’ll mix your little heart out, then send your husband to buy liquid food coloring. In the meantime, you’ll accidentally dump out a sugary blob onto the floor and have to start over. Making the marshmallows is the easy part. It’s the making them look like Creepers that sucks.

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